Tesseract provides end-to-end esports solutions for game publishers, sporting organisations, brands and media platforms. Whether it’s a single tournament or multinational league, a live event for a huge crowd or an online broadcast, our show-stopping technologies are guided by seasoned technical experts who deliver innovative, dynamic solutions anywhere around the world. It’s our goal to make sure that all events are high-quality, consistent, and fun to watch.

Tournament Management

End-To-End Tournament Management

Be it a local, single tournament or a multi-national league, for one title or multiple titles - across platforms, PC, Mobile, Console - Tesseract manages all facets of planning including rules, dispute resolution, scheduling, bracketing and implementation for tournaments and leagues of any size while ensuring parity and fair-play between the players with a robust framework. From tournament managers to referees - we obsess over every element and work to deliver a thrilling experience.

Broadcast Solutions

Innovative Broadcast Solutions

Tesseract provides the technology and expertise to help deliver amazing productions. We offer a full range of industry-leading solutions for broadcast and live events from studio broadcast to remote production, remote commentary, designing stunning broadcast graphics, data driven visualisations, expert in-game camera control, real-time content creation and delivery over the cloud, talent management, chat moderation, multi-platform live streaming and linear TV distribution.

Live Events

Spectacular Live Experiences

Tesseract works with partners to provide all of the latest technologies to power your events. Everything from beautiful lighting to crystal-clear audio to stunning video to rock solid staging and beyond. Our solutions include everything from flyaway packages handling a few inputs, through to full scale multi M/E broadcast solutions. We will 3D render your entire event down to the color of the lights, the tables and chairs so you know exactly what you’re getting!

Content Creation

Engaging Esports Content

We understand gaming and Esports better than anyone else. If you’re looking to create community and esports-focused content around your game, we've got you covered - everything from Social Media advertising, sponsored shorts, media localisation, contests, articles - you name it!



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